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Sauces & condiments
Sauces & condiments

Sauces & condiments

A world brimming with sauces and condiments you won't want to miss!

Enjoy a variety of sauces and condiments from organic aquafaba to exotic curry pastes. Our range has been carefully compiled to meet all your culinary needs. Dive with us into the rich flavors that our selection has to offer.

Pure flavors, pure quality

Products such as aquafaba, pomegranate molasses, and orange blossom water, and more are essential in our range. These condiments guarantee minimal impact on the environment and also ensure that your dishes are free from unwanted additives.

A world tour in your kitchen: exotic sauces and curries

Enrich your culinary adventures with our worldly selection. Sambal made from Piment d'Espelette and Tabasco Habanero adds a spicy touch that lovers of hot flavors will adore. For gourmets longing for the authentic tastes of Asia and the Middle East, our curry pastes such as Garam Masala organic and Korma curry paste organic offer an easy way to add deep and complex flavors to your dishes.

Innovative cooking with special condiments

Innovation in the kitchen is made easy with our unique condiments. Liquid smoke provides a smoky touch without lighting the barbecue, while our white miso and red miso bring a deep umami flavor to soups and marinades. Our vegan fish sauce and organic coconut aminos, in turn, are perfect plant-based alternatives that elevate your dishes to a new level.

The art of seasoning: organic herbal oils

Season your dishes in a refined way with our line of organic herbal oils. Herbal oil herbes de Provence organic and Herbal oil basil organic are just a few examples of how you can easily add the essence of fresh herbs to any meal. Our unique blends like herbal oil Chinese 5-spice organic and herbal oil ras el hanout organic open the door to creativity in the kitchen.

Authentic Italian pasta sauces: a feast for the senses

Lovers of Italian cuisine will also find these absolute favorites with us. From pasta sauce porcini organic to pasta sauce basilicum organic, each of these sauces is made with the finest organic ingredients and guarantees an authentic taste experience.

Organic tofu: versatility in your kitchen

For lovers of plant-based proteins, our range of organic tofu, including almond tofu organic, natural tofu organic, and smoked tofu organic, provides a solid foundation for countless dishes. These tofu variants are perfect for both Asian and Western cuisine, offering an excellent texture and flavor.