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Green Tea, a Natural Wonder and an Age-Old Tradition

Green tea is the oldest category of tea and is also seen as the only 'true' tea. What's unique about green tea is the unique process that involves no oxidation. The fresh, vibrant leaves undergo rapid heating to completely prevent oxidation. This technique not only retains the beautiful green color but also the rich antioxidants for which this tea is so famous.

In our collection, you'll find green tea from Japan and China, where the methods of heating differ, but the craftsmanship and quality are impeccable. Japanese sencha, steamed to perfection, offers vegetal notes with sometimes a surprising salty edge. Chinese varieties, often wok-roasted, seduce your senses with their nutty aromas. This diversity in processing methods leads to a broad spectrum of flavors, ready to be discovered by you.

Green Tea, a Source of Health

Beyond its rich history and cultural value, green tea is praised for its health benefits. Rich in theine, it offers a gentle stimulus, while the antioxidants support your body in the fight against free radicals. Our selection offers not only a full-leaf tea experience but also blends enriched with fruits and herbs, without compromising on quality or purity.

A Blend for Every Taste

We offer a wide range of green tea that is perfect for flavoring. From delicate floral notes to rich fruity blends, each type of tea is carefully composed to excite the senses. Discover our full-leaf tea, also in blends with fruits and herbs, and be amazed by the depth and diversity of flavors. There's something for everyone!