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The versatility of coconut: a natural source of delight and health

Coconut products have been a popular choice for people pursuing a healthy lifestyle for years. Our coconut collection includes a wide range of products, all sourced from organic farming, allowing you to enjoy the unique flavors and benefits that coconut has to offer. Discover the richness and diversity of our coconut products and be inspired to integrate them creatively into your daily life.

Coconut Blossom Sugar: A Sweet Alternative

Coconut blossom sugar is a natural and organic sweetener derived from the nectar of the coconut blossom. This sugar is not only a delicious substitute for traditional sugar but also has a lower glycemic index, contributing to a more stable blood sugar level. Use it to sweeten your morning coffee or as a healthier ingredient in your baking recipes.

Virgin Coconut Oil: Pure Nature

Our virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh coconut meat, preserving the natural aromas and nutrients optimally. This oil is perfect for baking, frying, and even as natural skincare. Let yourself be surprised by the rich taste and versatility of this wonder oil.

Coconut Shavings and Chips: For a Crunchy Touch

Whether you opt for coarse or fine coconut shavings, or for our crispy coconut chips, all variants are ideal for adding an exotic touch to your yogurt, breakfast cereals, or pastries. These organic products are not only tasty but also rich in fiber.

Coconut Flour and Milk: Baking and Cooking with Coconut

Coconut flour, made from dried and ground coconut meat, is an excellent gluten-free alternative to traditional flour. It adds a soft coconut flavor to your pastries and is rich in fiber. Coconut milk, on the other hand, is a delicious addition to your soups, curries, or smoothies, providing a creamy texture without the need for dairy.

Coconut Water and Cream: Hydration and Creaminess

Coconut water is known for its hydrating properties and is a refreshing thirst quencher. Our coconut cream varieties, from cuisine to premium, are perfect for adding a rich, creamy consistency to your dishes, without the health drawbacks of traditional cream.

Special Coconut Products: Unique Flavors and Textures

Explore our special coconut products, such as creamed coconut for an intense coconut flavor in all your dishes, coconut aminos as a healthy alternative to soy sauce, and our unique keto-friendly coconut pastes from OKONO, ideal for those following a low-carb diet.

Be surprised by the versatility of coconut and discover how this wonderful fruit can find its place in your daily diet.