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How we work

Our culture and core values

Within Pit&Pit we use 3 core values. You will encounter these values ​​within our entire team and our entire operation.

Kindness and appreciation
Thinking like a customer

In addition to our 3 most important core values, we also focus on innovation. We innovate to keep things interesting. We love to innovate. We get energy from looking for new possibilities and opportunities. At Pit&Pit, innovation is not just a fancy word framed against the wall, but it is in everything we do, in how we think and the decisions we make.

Working at Pit&Pit means working in an ever-innovative company that is not always behind the times. There is no room for boring, repetitive administrative actions, because everything is automated and optimised to the deepest, so that you can always be busy with what gives you energy. We work with clear goals and clear objectives. There is always a focus that we hold very well. Also when discovering new possibilities or when creatively looking for solutions to continuously improve the experience for our customers. In this way we achieve goals faster and we can enjoy the results of all our efforts more quickly.

What are we doing now?

We are continuously working on improving the experience of our customers. Renewing packaging, improving our impact on the environment, communicating faster and better with customers, refactoring code, giving our employees more opportunities to get the best out of themselves, ...

For example, our Pit&Pit products contribute to getting to know more different flavors and colours, socializing with friends and family, nostalgia for a holiday, belief in a better world, hope for better health...