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Honey: A purely natural delicacy

At Pit&Pit, we have a passion for natural products. Our honey is a celebration of the best that nature has to offer. It's a deliciously sweet sweetener full of rich flavors.

Honey: sweet and nutritious

Our honey collection offers you a wide range of types. From soft and floral to rich and spicy. Want to try something really special? Then get our Manuka honey. The sharp taste of this honey is found only in a very small place in New Zealand. It's a true sensation.

Honey is more than just a sweetener. It is a source of natural nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. As with all our products, you get only pure honey, without additives. This honey you do not just find in the supermarket.

Delicious honey thanks to the bees

Honey is made by our beloved bees. They fly out and collect pollen and nectar from flowers and plants. They mix it with saliva and special enzymes. When their special honey stomach is full they fly back to the nest.

There they leave the honey for the other bees. They take it to special wax combs where they store the honey. Those combs are sealed with wax where the honey further ripens. This process makes the honey viscous, easy to digest, but above all: delicious.

This process also allows honey to be stored for a long time. It is best to store it in a place that does not get too warm, and where there is as little light as possible.