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Work with us

Do you want to work at Pit&Pit...?

...then you have exciting projects to work on with a motivated team and/or alone. We offer you the opportunity and space to develop further in various areas. Your growth and your opinion matters a lot.

You work in an innovative company that does not expect you to behave like a machine. There is no room for boring, repetitive administrative actions, because everything is automated and optimized to the maximum, so that you can always be busy with your main job.

Pit&Pit works with its own IT system, which makes everything possible. Your entire workspace on the screen can be completely customized. Any action that is too much or unnecessary can be deleted.

We always think from the customer's point of view. What would you as a customer like differently, find it more fun, find it tastier, find it easier... You always start from here.


Who works at Pit&Pit?

You work at Pit&Pit if you:

  • Are a top talent
  • Excels in 1 or more things
  • Loves variety
  • Have an extensive interest and are eager to learn
  • Quick to pick up new things
  • Bubbling with energy, positive and enthusiastic
  • Communicate smoothly, openly and honestly
  • Enjoy a huge sense of responsibility
  • Have a minimum higher education diploma
  • Respect and value your fellow human beings

What can you expect from applying for a job at Pit&Pit?

We take all applicants seriously. To supplement our team with top talents, we look for other top talents and we do this as follows:

  • You send us your letter and CV with references from previous jobs and/or training.
  • If your letter and CV appeal to us, we will contact you by telephone for a first, brief introduction.
  • If you are enthusiastic, sweet and friendly, you will come to an interview, yay!
  • Sometimes you do a small, practical test and you get a competency test.
  • A final step in the entire process of coming to work with us is that you arrange a meeting between your references and us. References such as your supervisors at your previous jobs/training and colleagues or managers we would like to speak to. There are 3 reasons for this:
    1. Your development : we can use personal insights from managers and others to guide you at Pit&Pit to develop further.
    2. Control : Conversations with your former managers strengthen your credibility.
    3. Convenience : it is not always easy for us to make contact with people who know your work attitude and efforts. If you arrange the conversation yourself, it usually goes more smoothly.