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Enjoy a Delicious Cup of Black Tea

Black tea - a beverage as mysterious as its dark color suggests - is the most consumed type of tea worldwide. Its unique color and rich aroma are the result of a full oxidation process, where the tea leaf transforms into its distinctive black or dark hue. At Pit&Pit, we offer you a carefully selected collection of additive-free black tea varieties.

The Magic of Oxidation

The secret behind the deep color of black tea lies in the oxidation process. The 100% oxidation ensures the dark color of the leaves and also contributes to the development of a complex flavor profile. When you pour a cup of this refined drink, the infusion is more red in color, a visual testament to the rich flavor that awaits you.

Pure Black Leaf Tea: No Powder or CTC

At Pit&Pit, we value the natural beauty and quality of whole tea leaves. Our black tea is offered as pure leaf tea, without the use of powder or CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) methods. This ensures an authentic tea flavor and a higher quality infusion. Whether you prefer pure leaf tea or blends with flavors, we always assure the use of quality tea leaves for an optimal tea experience.

Caffeine/Theine in Black Tea

Black tea is known for its natural caffeine content, also called theine in the context of tea. This makes black tea a perfect energy source to start your day or to combat an afternoon slump. It offers a milder caffeine kick than coffee, ideal for moments when you need a subtle boost.

Quality and Health in Our Black Tea

For some, the term ‘pekoe’ is a well-known denomination for quality black tea. Pekoe refers to a specific quality grade, where tea leaves are classified based on their appearance. This term is primarily used for Ceylon or Indian black tea but also finds its way into teas from Nepal and Africa. At Pit&Pit, we recognize these traditional denominations and offer an assortment that respects and embraces these preferences.

At Pit&Pit, we strive to make healthy food and drinks accessible to everyone. Our black tea collection thus reflects this mission. We are committed to quality, purity, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Every black tea we offer is carefully selected and free from unnecessary additives, allowing you to enjoy the pure essence of tea with every sip.

Whether you are looking for a traditional black tea, interested in the rich history of 'pekoe', or want to start your day with a natural source of energy, you'll find what you're looking for at Pit&Pit. Discover the rich world of black tea and let yourself be inspired by the variety and quality we have to offer.